Classic Video Game Art

Hey artists, go get your inner geek on.

Usually, I wouldn't jump at the chance to write a post on art (considering Paper Darts’ creative director, Meghan, is our token “expert d'art”)…but there's an exhibit in town and my inner geek can’t resist mentioning it. 

Level_13: Classic Video Game Art at Altered Esthetics

Image by Tony Tudisco - "Ae Invaders"  


That’s right. An exhibit dedicated to artwork inspired by classic video games. omgtotes.


Altered Esthetics, located in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, has hosted over 50 exhibits in the past 6 years. This is the fourth biennial installment of “Level _13,” an exhibit that pays homage to the enthusiasm and passion for video game art.


The show opened Friday September 3 and ends September 23 (with a special Artists Discussion September 18 1pm-3pm). I haven’t had a chance to make it out to the show yet, but I’ll definitely be going. The exhibit shows 18 artists, who were picked based on submissions to Altered Esthetics.


Featured in Level 13: Classic Video Game Art
Rob McBroom
Madeline Queripel
Benjamin Karner
Mark Vomit
Kate Johnson
Jason Lahr
Chris Price
Ashley Hay
Shawn Conn
Marnie Erpestad
Christopher Schons
Francisco Gruel
Justin Babb
Kari Schuster
Tony Tudisco
Happy Accidents
(Kara Hendershot & Summer Scharringhausen)


If you’re an artist with an inner geek or a geek with an inner artist (like myself), then don’t miss this show. And artists, in the future, keep your eyes out for the next “Level_13” exhibit and send in your geeky masterpieces! In the meantime, here’s a Flickr of “Geek Art” to satisfy your pixilated cravings.

Read it.

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