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Too busy? You have to catch up on your facebook, manage a live tweet, and finally delete your embarrassing MySpace account. I know. So does Gary. Oh Gary, you know us so well. You should really read his book. No? Then dive into the internet's secret stash of Shteyngart genius... at least use all this technology to get an inkling of what the man has to say. It's such a super sad story we live in, isn't it? Well, you are reading this off the web hub of a literary magazine, the most ghetto of all magazine genres, so there is still a happy middle... if not a happy ending for literature as we know it.


1. Watch the movie trailer Gary put together with all his writer friends.




2. Listen to Gary on MPR. (I think he likes Minneapolis)

3. Listen to a discussion of Super Sad True Love Story on Slate! (Can you answer their unanswered question? Does Gary HATE technology?)

4. Follow @PaperDarts on twitter under #OhGary! We are delivering quotes from his reading and Q&A at Magers and Quinn.


Please share some link love to other Shteyngart gems!

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