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Just a quick round up of illustration and art from around the web that we're loving right now ....we do that every once in a while. Stay tuned.


Deedee Cheriel

(I'm obsessed) You must visit her website right now.

The Pressure

This Portland based design dynamo has ties to Minneapolis' own Wants VS Needs and the Minneapolis record label Rhymesayers Entertainment.



Visit the artist's Photo stream on Flickr

See his profile on Behance


Mel Kadel

Read her interview with Juxtapoze

View more of her art at



Date Farmers

You are hungry for more? We know. Here you go. See the site.


Chloe Early

This explosion of color and bikkini clad women is unbeleiveable. We love. Love more at her website.

Classic Video Game Art

Dennis Cass Wants You To Be More Awesome...Regan Smith Wants You To Be More Awed