One year ago, I was serendipitously introduced to both Eireann Lorsung's poetry and Jennifer Davis' art when I found the lovely book, Music for Landing Planes By. I bought the book because it just felt good in my hands. The cover was gorgeous, the design of the interior was inviting, and when I flipped through the pages, the poems easily leapt into my imagination. 

The following artists have found exposure and money to keep doing what they love by lending their art to book and album covers. If you take a moment to browse through this smattering of illustration, art, and design, I hope you also stumble across an interesting book or album.

Music for Landing Planes By, Poems by Eireann Lorsung

Illustration by Jennifer Davis

Published by Milkweed Editions

Blurb: "Telescoping ideas and images in an astonishing variety of forms, Éireann Lorsung honors the makers, methods, and materials embodied in daily objects. From the copper plate of an Intaglio print to the patched muslin form of a dressmaker’s mannequin to the maddered boy taking shape on a loom, the ephemeral becomes eternal in these poems. Combining art and artifacts to create verse that is uniquely modern, Lorsung has invented an entirely original lexicon".












Less Shiny by Mary Miller

Illustration by Jennifer Davis

Published by Magic Helicopter Press

Blurb: "A collection of short short stories from the author of Big World (short flight/long drive books 2009). Mary Miller's stories have appeared in the Oxford American, New Stories from the South 2008, Mississippi Review, Black Clock, Quick Fiction, Barrelhouse, Hobart, and elsewhere".













Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte

Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition

Illustration by Ruben Toledo
















The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition

Illustration by Ruben Toledo











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