Good Music

Hello again my friends,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? What have you been doing? How have you changed since we last spoke? Did your bald spot grow back in? Are you and Grandma on speaking terms yet? Wow. People sure do keep doing things even when I’m not paying attention to them, totally weird.  

I’m a little out of the blog writin’ groove so we’re gonna keep this entry simple til I get my boogie back. 

In the meantime, here’s some good music. This week featuring TOTALLY BITCHIN BABES.

Cat Power



Just sound, no crappy distracting homemade video for once. Thanks youtube!  





Badass Bruce Springsteen cover. Though the real Springsteen video can’t be beat.  


Yeah Yeah Yeahs



Karen O in all her weird glory. 


Janis Joplin



Live Janis is Loud Janis even with bad sound quality 


Heartless Bastards:




Erika Wennerstrom's face is almost as cool as her voice

And, the one song that no one should go without: 

Wreckless Eric:



Luego taters!