I avoid reading magazines online. Not online magazines, but magazines uploaded online through services like Issuu. I guess I have issues with Issuu. I have yet to master the  "zoom in" feature and my glasses were recently run over by a van, so I fear reading these magazines provide more trouble than enjoyment. But in preparation for the next release of Paper Darts Print Magazine, I decided to suck it up and virtually dig through a few online issues to find a few worth squinting at for a while. So here you have a little bookshelf to return to throughout the day; just click on the magazine and you will be able to flip though--or click through-- its pages. Digital Magic.


I often harp on improving upon the marriage of literary content with illustration and design in these blogs, but really, it's true: when reading online, these elements become crucial to keeping the reader's  attention. This is especially true when the reader is semi blind and fully uncoordinated, like me. Take a look.       







Note: Not only is this magazine gorgeous and great read, click over to page 38 to find the most amazing USB Drives you have ever seen.


IND [International Designer's Network]



Note: A design miracle. A mother of magazines of which to suck design inspiration from.


GizMag #8



Note: This is a design explosion! And look how it feels oh-so fresh and bravely unclean.





Note: Simple yet capable of achieving impact. PS. See their interview with Yoko Ono!


Fan the Fire



Note: Varied and very nice content. Must browse the the art feature "In a Theater Near You" on page 46.  

UniLife Magazine 1703



Note: Finally! A Lit and Life magazine with a little edge, wit, and heart!





Note: The general "feel" is great, the fashion remarkable, yet the lack of typeface variation gets old fast.


U Magazine



Note: Not only is this magazine intimidating in its fabulousness, my cat, Little Man, is identical to the one featured on page 9. 

Good Music

Literary Death Match