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My girl Terri Gross once said on her showFresh Air, that the only thing that beats discussing a book with a friend, is discussing that book with the author. Let's eavesdrop on a few of those discussions, shall we? Below you will find a round-up of a few great author interviews. (I won't mind if you go ahead and organize your closet as you listen.) 

Miranda July 



Read "A Shared Patio" by Miranda July at the Guardian 

Patti Smith



Read an excerpt from Patti Smith's memoir "Just Kids" from RollingStone

Art Speigelman



Read comic excerpts from Art Spiegelman's Breakdowns from The Boston Pheonix

Margaret Atwood



Read Margaret Atwood's tips on writing at the Guardian. (Stick around and read the other authors' tips  too!) 


David Foster Wallace


Fresh Air Interview: "Infinite Jest" author David Foster Wallace


NPR's Remembering David Foster Wallace's Dark Irony

Need more of a DFW fix? Read his essay, Tense Present: Democracy, English, and the wars over usage 


John Updike:


Fresh Air Interview: Remembering John Updike, Literary Legend

Read a short story by John Updike (my favorite): The Full Glass at The New Yorker

Junot Díaz and Edwidge Danticat

Edwidge Danticat discusses Junot Díaz’s 1995 short story “How to Date a Brown Girl (Black Girl, White Girl, or Halfie)” and Junot Diaz discusses and reads Edwidge Danticat’s “Water Child.” 

Then Read an interview by Edwidge Danticat  on Junot Díaz from Bomb magazine (amazing)!

Virginia Woolf


Oh Virginia!




I recently enjoyed re-reading "A Room of One's Own". Beautiful, yes?

Literary Death Match

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