A Future so Bright


Sure, the struggling publishing industry can't afford the labor and printing costs of integrating a picture or two into text. Sure, competition from internet, film and television has segregated literature into a windowless basement, void of illustration. Yet the illustration of literature is not a novel idea (haha) and the following illustrators and writers have met the demad of the literary lovers who never ended a fervrent love for picture books.  

I only found a few current pairings of illustration and literature so I included a handful of the classics. I can only hope the future will be so bright, us literary and arty types will gotta wear shades. (Seriously. Click that link.) So artists grab the nearest writer and writers grab the nearest artist, for it is time to collaborate. 

A few great examples of illustrators pairing art with writing in a fresh way: 

Johan Theeuwes, Illustrator 

Hugo Matthysen, Belgian writer







Verzamelen 'ondersteboven' geblazen! from johantheeuwes on Vimeo.


Verzamelen 'ondersteboven' geblazen! from johantheeuwes on Vimeo.



Illustrator: By Marie-Louise Plum

Author: A Pretty Girl Is Like… by The Magnetic Fields (Ok... so this is a song by, but what the heck)













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