Podcasts Part II


The best side effect of incorporating podcasts into the backdrop of your day is the feeling of discovery.  I already proclaimed the many other benefits of the podcast in my last blog. From your bathroom, bedroom, or in my case, from your easel, I hope you discover these brilliant shows are worth a listen. 


The Fader


Brought to you by one of my favorite magazines, this podcast is downloaded through ITUNES as a PDF and soundtrack combo. The podcast sometimes features interviews and countdowns, but often it serves as musical accompaniment to the articles featured in the mag. The music, like the magazine, is fresh and the relationship between the magazine and the podcast is flawless and innovative.   



This American Life 


This program is easily the best radio show out there. Ira Glass is my hero. If you enjoy nonfiction writing, you must become a student of this show's format. However, there are doubters of the show's genius. Here is what honorable Summer from FOX's The OC once had to say about the show: "Is that that show where those hipster know-it-alls talk about how fascinating ordinary people are? God."


Fresh Air 


This, of course, is another wonderful radio show that I happen to conveniently catch as a podcast. Terry Gross has become an integral part of my day. In fact, the day does not truly begin until I hear Terry's take on the world. It can be like listening to your mom interview celebrities like Tracy Morgan, Gene Simmons, and Lynne Cheney. I get a kick out of her, but her interview style is not only lovable but enviable. The woman is good.  


Stuff You Missed in History Class


You can learn an inordinate amount about British Royalty through these ladies. It took me a while to get used to their voices and casual tone but the podcast is now easily one of my favorites. 



The New Yorker Out Loud


Each week writers are interviewed about the writing process and the stories behind the featured articles in the magazine. This is a great way to supplement New Yorker articles you have already read. The podcast is also wonderful al la cart. 


The Moth Podcast


If you haven't already, you need to start listening to these true stories told before a live audience. I once cried and cried and cried over a prison guard's account of an incarcerated man's reverence for Anne Frank. I cannot get enough of this podcast.


Slate Daily Podcasts


This is a perfect place to find commentary on current cultural and political events. Note that the way the hosts debate can sometimes be more fascinating than the actual argument. The opinion overload can be infuriating, but that is half the fun.

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