Literary Design

By Meghan Hanson

Most literary magazines are visually boring. Thankfully Conduit, Opium, and Zoetrope: All-Story have begun to lead a design revolution. Though the three magazines continually provide wonderful examples with their quirky and bold choices, Paper Darts is looking for inspiration outside the literary realm during the production of the next issue. 

Is it possible to throw the design history of the last 100 years into a grab bag of illustration and  make some art? The band poster does this very well by mixing fonts, images, and feel of different eras together in order to create a fresh perspective on design. The band posters below have inspired the design of the upcoming Paper Darts issue by use of innovate color palettes, typography, and illustration.

If you want to get involved with the design of the next issue, especially with suggestions of illustration that you find intriguing, comment on this blog post or send us an e-mail. In the meantime we will be on the lookout for more design inspiration.


Make sure to visit the websites of these brilliant designers and musicians alike. I absolutely recommend allowing one of these bands to be your soundtrack for the day.  I think it's true that you can judge a band by their poster. Hopefully it is also true that you can judge a literary magazine by its design. 


Designer: Two Rabbits Studios 



Designer: Deflower

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