Holiday Gift Ideas

Yes, it's that time of year when you wander around the mall with sweaty palms stressing over finding the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for-person. Because the creativity and awesomeness of the gift you choose, really is nothing but a reflection of your own awesomeness. This is a big deal folks. With a little help from Paper Darts, hopefully this year you can find that perfect, quirky gift for your writer/arty friend or family member (and maybe you won't even have to step into a mall).

1. Grannyish panties are automatically considered gag gifts, but these Portrait Pants from Twisted Twee are so hilariously rad they may shed that association. And for English history and literature nerds with babies, diaper covers are available, too.

2. Papery Boutique: In the digital age, paper has become—in its way—a more precious material. For folks who have a special affinity for tree products, Upon a Fold is a perfect place for gifts. It is a papery boutique featuring strange and beautiful trinkets, cards, books, and stationary.



3. GelaSkins are removable covers that can protect and customize nearly any electronic device—laptops, phones, MP3 players, e-Readers, video game consoles, you name it. There are prints from over 100 artists (both contemporary and classic), and there’s an option to use your own photos and artwork to make skins. If you’re not sure which one to choose, give a gift certificate!




4. Out of Print Tees is double cool. Their products feature out-of-print book covers that will delight both the book fans and retro design fans in your life, and their promise to donate a book to an African community in need with every shirt sold will make your purchase feel right.


5. Repurposed book pages are something I always admire in an offhand way but never buy for myself. What if your beloved book lover is the same? They’re easy and agreeable gifts, but by no means uninspired. Three Etsy shops specializing in this are Little Bluebird Studios, woodendoll, and The Kildare Pooka. Frames generally not included!


6. Library gift shops: Museum gift shops are marvelously curated places unto themselves. Less common than museum gift shops, however, are library gift shops. The New York Public Library’s shop is phenomenal and exists online for us billions of non-New Yorkers on earth.




7. Novelty gifts that aren't too novelty: You know your friend who wears primarily novelty tees and constantly references outdated Internet memes? They’re a geek without geek culture, an awkward academic drifter not quite ready for ThinkGeek. You should get their gift from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. In addition to having a lot of quirky products that may interest even non-weirdoes out there, The Unemployed Philosophers Guild gives a significant portion of its profits to a handful of progressive nonprofits.


Frida Kahlo Puppet


8. Wall Art: These easy to go up and easy to remove wall-art decals are not only beautiful, but they'll definitely make your home or office look pretty darn cooool.

9. Paper Darts Volume II! Last but not least, this is probably (at least in our mind) the ultimate holiday gift for your weirdo friend. Introduce your buddy to Paper Darts and gift them with 40 pages of full-color splendor. We're doing a special HOLIDAY ONLY sale, so take advantage. Also, you'll be supporting the work we do here at PD and that'd put the twinkle in our eye this holiday season :).

Buy Volume II


Did we leave something amazing off the list? Probably so! Leave a comment and share your unique gift idea!


Holly Harrison is a recent University of Minnesota graduate and the lead copy editor for Paper Darts. She doesn't like feet--not even yours. See her wax lyrical on Twitter.

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