Christmas is four days away. Yes, I know, it’s terrifying. Although I managed to get all my shopping done in a timely manner this year, the Christmas countdown is in effect and I have yet to even begin to watch the plethora of Christmas movies that are part of my annual Christmas tradition. Netflix Instant has failed me, and I won’t be home (where the physical copies of the films are safely stored) until Christmas Eve when the presents and parties and dinners commence and there is little or no time to watch one movie let alone six. So this year my Holiday Movie Marathon will have to be a bit belated, and only after all the wrapping paper is thrown away and holiday dresses are exchanged for flannel Pajamas and monkey slippers, will I sit down and watch White Christmas, The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Nutcracker Prince, Home Alone, Meet Me In St. Louis, and It’s A Wonderful Life.


Every year I watch these films because they have become a part of my tradition, but it strikes me that although I have Christmas traditions concerning movies, dinner menus, present exchanges, and even pillow cases, I don’t have any books in my December repertoire.  A Christmas Carol is the obvious go-to, but I realize I have never even cracked the classic although I have seen the story played out on the big screen or the stage each and every year. A quick Google search suggests I could adopt The Christmas Hope Series into my traditions, but I am looking for something a little less obvious I think. I want it to be a Christmas novel the way that Die Hard is a Christmas movie simply because it takes place on Christmas Eve. It doesn’t need to revolve around Christmas cheer, but I would love to find a well written story that just happens to have the Christmas season as a plot point.


Do you have a Christmas novel, short story, or poem that you read every year? I have none, faithful Paper Darts followers, and for this Christmas I would love to know if you have a literary tradition that I could adopt (or shamelessly steal).


Happy Holidays!


Caryn Wille recently moved to Minneapolis from Chicago to explore the world of publishing and graphic design. Caryn is a new member of the Paper Darts staff helping with graphic design and marketing.

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