Hidden Secrets in Unexpected Places


Have you ever been traveling and noticed how boring most hotel rooms are?

Room after room appears to be the same bad set design out of a 1970's B movie. From the terrible floral pattern on the overly tucked bed sheets to the paintings that look like they were made in a Creative & Crafty After 60 class at your local rec center.

Well next time you are in this situation, try to take a peek behind those frames,mirrors and headboards.  You may just find a Secret Wall Tattoo.


Although Josh Homme, of Queens of the Stone Age,  is most likely not the first to do it, it's said (in depth wikipedia research) that he coined the term Secret Wall Tattoo while he was on tour and staying in random hotel rooms.

For more pictures, check out Secret Wall Tattoos



Kylo Moonguts is a Minneapolis based illustrator and designer. He is also a new member of the Paper Darts Graphic Design staff. For his personal blog and portfolio, visit his website.

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