Inflatable Bag Monsters

Love street art? Then you’ll love Joshua Allen Harris. I know I’m a year or two too late, but I just recently stumbled across his bag monsters and can’t seem to get enough. He uses plastic bags (shopping bags, garbage bags) to create inflatable bag monsters. He then scatters his creations around New York, attaching them to street vents to use the air flow from passing subway trains to bring his monsters to life.



I love that Harris is interacting with the city to give life to these moving sculptures. By utilizing a force he can’t control, the movement of these bag monsters is unique each and every time. The pictures communicate the magic of a monster in the middle of a city, but you really need to watch the video to appreciate the range of these pieces. First, the sewn bags simply look like a pile of trash thrown on a grate, but with the passing of a train and the wind it creates, they briefly come to life, only to crumple again once the gust has passed.



I for one have already watched this video three times, and can’t get enough of these mesmerizing wind creatures. Take a moment, and appreciate some monsters in Manhattan.


Caryn Wille recently moved to Minneapolis from Chicago to explore the world of publishing and graphic design. Caryn is a new member of the Paper Darts staff helping with graphic design and marketing. 

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