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Animated Print Magazine


By Caryn Wille


To give you a description straight from the horse’s mouth (that is,  “Wallpaper is the style bible for design loving individuals who are looking for inspiration in everything from fashion to travel, architecture to motoring and interiors to jewellery [sic]”. Translation: designers and art lovers of all types, see beautiful things here.


I began to follow Wallpaper for the aesthetics, but I stayed for the theory behind them. Wallpaper Magazine is smart to say the least, but I thought their October issue was a stroke of brilliance.


In order to incorporate Robert Wilson’s video portraits into the print medium, Wallpaper used an acetate screen to animate the pages of the magazine. Yes, animate. Watch some video of the finished effect:







People claiming print is dead are clearly not paying close enough attention to the innovations that are taking print to new and bold places. Who knows, maybe for Paper Darts’ next volume we should reinvent the pop-up book?


Caryn Wille recently moved to Minneapolis from Chicago to explore the world of publishing and graphic design. Caryn is a new member of the Paper Darts staff helping with graphic design and marketing.

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