Paper Darts Gets Press

Paper Darts gets some press!


After Twitter chatting with Bob Ingrassia, director of content marketing at Fast Horse, he contacted us about doing a small interview for Fast Horse’s blog, Idea Peep-Show.

What better title for a post about Paper Darts than: "Are they nuts? Pals launch literary journal in a bad economy."

Our favorite part? His description of our Volume II cover:


 Yes, it’s true the latest issue features a woman on the cover, a tried-and-true tactic to generate sales. But this is no scantily clad “it” girl … it’s a somewhat disturbing (though beautifully rendered) half-human, half-rooster creature.

So, thanks Bob and Fast Horse! It’s refreshing to see an agency that uses their blog posts to feature content other than company related, self-promoting babble.  


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