Art Part I


There are so many wonderful online galleries of art nowadays, it's time to partake in the viewing yourself. For starters, I'll point you in the direction of a few excellent venues to begin your online gallery crawl. My hope is you too will one day support and curate the art you love yourself, and then you may ignore my own tastes completely. Any one can do it, really! Even my super-über-smartie-nerd fiance, who loves fantasy books and video games, has become an avid hunter of art at my side. I simply urge you to search for art that punches the gut in surprise, be it with subtlety or extravagance. This Rubric Of The Gut is precisely the recipe I used for choosing the following artists. For this first round of digital curating, I present to you, art dragged onto my desktop from three websites:


Society 6: promote, find, or buy art and illustration


Art Slant: find profiles on a seemingly infinite number of international artists and exhibitions


Rogue Buddha: view art in real life, at this local, Minneapolis gallery


Society 6 (Click on the picture to be magically linked to the source)


Bear Drops by Mary Hoare



Drone by Ty Paulhus



Art Slant


Electric Banana & Sanguine Girl by Renata PAWLIK - KIEBDOJ



Off Season & Thunder and Lightning by Margareta Jungerth Boo 





Rogue Buddha Gallery


Al Zahir (The Button) by Nicholas Harper



200? By James Cleary





If this has motivated you, I invite you to visit VIGILANTE JUSTICE III at the 501 Club. See art set to the music of HUNTING CLUB, PHANTOM TAILS, and DADA TRASH COLLAGE . The Paper Darts crew will be there in suport of one of our very own featured artists, Carleyrae Weber.   


Carleyrae's work can also be found at Society 6


We are currently hunting down artists for Paper Darts and, as always, if you know an artist that should be featured within our humble pages (both digital and print) let us know.


Love, Meghan

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