Paper Darts Launch Party


Anyone who knows us knows that we don’t really like being modest. We also don’t really like being honest, either. What we do like, however, is embellishing base truths with touches of mythical flair in order to confuse you and drive your opinion of us one of two ways: 1) You believe everything we say and think we’re really cool and awesome. Or, more likely, 2) You think we’re lying, weirdo jerks.

Well, lucky for us, this post needs no embellishment. Because this post is about the Paper Darts Launch Party that happened last week at the Casket Arts Building in NE Minneapolis.

If you pitied us enough to attend, THANK YOU! We hope you enjoyed the Franzia, gummi bear hors d'oeuvres, and fine Costco cheeses.

If you were too cool being a normal person to attend, that’s okay, we saved you a couple gummi bears. They’ve been in our pockets all day, so they’re nice and warm.

Considering we had expected the night to consist of us hiding out in the bathroom getting drunk off cupcakes and calling our mothers to blame them for never teaching us how to be popular, it’s safe to say that what actually happened was a smash success.

Around 150 people came by throughout the course of the night. The food piled up, the wine flowed (and flowed and flowed), the Minneapolis skyline glittered in the background, and the people laughed. Some to mock us, but most to show that they were having a rad time.

Highlights of the event included an amazing new exhibition, “Animal Friends,” from our September featured artist Matt Kunes; a small gallery by guest artist Alana Metz; awesome live music from local folk hero Gabe Barnett; readings from contributors Mike Barthman, Mark Koerner, and Jenna Beyer; and of course, the release of the print issue. We gave away around 200 issues, but we’re printing more, and you can either order one on demand or wait until we stock them up in coffee shops around the twin cities. For more info on how to get a copy, visit here.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended, donated, contributed, etc. It wouldn’t have been as perfect without you.

If you weren’t able to make it or are nerds like us (who need to relive our one moment of popularity over and over again) check out these great pictures of the event.

All photos courtesy of Shannon McCarville. 

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