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Suzanne Dias

No one can make orange looks as sweet as our darling Suzanne Dias. Dias finds the muse in the depths of her feelings, and in the details of her environment. Her individual mood and state of mind continually influence her artwork. Bold, digital, breathtaking - the work of starts in pencil and black ink, before being transformed into the vibrant hues you see before you.

Julie Heffernan

Julie Heffernan is a champion of women, a loving mother, an avid walker, an insightful educator, an adventurous trespasser, an avid theatre goer, and a fantastic painter. Recently inspired by politics, Heffernan has found strength and inspiration in educating her children about our society’s vast wealth of strong female figures.

Cynthia Tedy

Cynthia Tedy was born in Indonesia, and now lives in Jakarta. As a child, her artistic career began by doodling on the walls behind her family’s furniture. Nowadays, her work is inspired through her thoughts and emotions, and the tenderness and cruelty she witnesses in the world. She works in isolation, figuring how to plot and execute her artistic crimes. Each illustration is a secret, almost a skeleton-in-the-closet that reveals itself through the creative process.

Becca White

In the living room of one Becca White, you will find a mixture of textiles, found objects, friends, and podcasts. This living room currently doubles as her sewing studio, and White fills it with inspiration and entertainment. Her childhood self was inspired by the Spice Girls and the movie, Pocahontas. Nowadays, White believes in the power of getting out of your bubble, and interacting with other communities and cultures. She has found traveling to be a clarifying experience, and is inspired by each of the friends she makes along the way. All of this inspiration is woven into the unique tapestries of this world-building and playful artist. 

Violeta Venganza

Mexico's own Violeta Venganza began drawing at three years old, or at least that's what her mother told her. These strikingly feminine images burst forth from Venganza's love of fashion, the '70s, and everyday situations. Venganza now spends her days in a balancing act. She works illustrating, drawing, and sewing clothes, while also eating, drinking, and watching movies. 

Holly Lucero

Holly Lucero knows the world is full of monsters, so she doesn't shy away from the beastly. Her illustrations encapsulate a landscape all their own, quite literally. A little gross, but oh so good.

Shawna Gilmore

The following paintings are drawn from the deep winter-forged well of Shawna Gilmore's overactive imagination. Her eclectic folk-style brings together her love for vintage photography, nature, mysticism, metaphors, fairytales, science, and humor. Steal away to the dream-scapes and mystical forests. These lovely forms of escapism make us reach for a telescope, a sword, and a bouquet of flowers. 

Larissa de Jesus

Originally from Puerto Rico, Larissa de Jesus is currently a student at Hunter College. Her work blends elements of photography and painting. Larissa loves images that bathe the human form in color and light. 

Jaime Jacob

Netherlands based illustrator, Jaime Jacob builds her work layer by layer. Many of pieces pay homage to her love of movies. Starting with black ink, then scanning in and adding color digitally, Jacob draws inspiration from vintage travel posters and childhood book covers. Each piece holds a story-like quality. With creatures and creepers, witches, and plants weaving their way through her work.

Kaye Blegvad

Kaye Blegvad's drawings range from hilarious to heartbreaking, and we're wholly obsessed (and jealous). Originally from London, this talented illustrator has brought her ladies to a myriad of forms. Having drawn for the New York Times, Penguin Random House, and much more, we can see how narrative and individualistic her style is. 

Alina Vergnano

Become entwined within the spindly fingers of Alina Vergnano's women. This Nordic based artist draws from the stark and minimalist beauty of her surroundings. Enjoy as she journeys through numerous mediums with her bold and unique style. 

Leslie Guillochon

You need to know the drawings of Paris-based Leslie Guillochon. She spends her days teaching art to children. Her nights are filled with dreams of otherworldly ladies, which she brings to life through her simple paper and trusty graphite pencils.