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Katrin Coetzer

Our very own Capetown Queen - Katrin Coetzer creates her artwork with a naturalistic touch and a fantastical air. With original techniques, Coetzer uses water-based media on paper, and her gouache paints and ink. This glorious artist and mother creates work for picture books, editorial, brand work, and exhibitions.

Lucia Rodriguez

Lucia Rodriguez is a plant mother and a vibrant color enthusiast. Each of her paintings comes to life with oil paints, infused with a glowing texture and a sense of movement. Her color palette collages are reminiscent of hardware store paint card collections curated to an aesthetic perfection. This artist is from Santiago, Chile, and now resides in Denver, Colorado. Over the last four years, Rodriguez has gone through a lot changes. Painting and artwork grounds her in the midst of all these transitions.

Ashley Ronning

Ashley makes her living in set dressing and prop making. This makes sense. She sure knows how to set a stage on paper. Her atmospheric still life drawings come alive with wit and weirdness.

Caitlin Shearer

Caitlin Shearer is an Australian renaissance woman. Under the name Caitlin She, she Illustrates, sews her fashion line, curates, and designs textiles.  Caitlin is constantly inspecting the world with "an intrinsically female eye at all times." Let's explore what that means.