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Katrin Coetzer

Our very own Capetown Queen - Katrin Coetzer creates her artwork with a naturalistic touch and a fantastical air. With original techniques, Coetzer uses water-based media on paper, and her gouache paints and ink. This glorious artist and mother creates work for picture books, editorial, brand work, and exhibitions.

Rose Jaffe

From murals to wood cuts, sculpture, prints, and lustrous illustrations, Rose Jaffe is a formidable artistic force. This talented human is a ball of peace, curiosity, excitement for her future, and a hint of stress. Jaffe’s prolific body of work stems from her love affair with exploring medium and being inspired by what she sees.

Julie Heffernan

Julie Heffernan is a champion of women, a loving mother, an avid walker, an insightful educator, an adventurous trespasser, an avid theatre goer, and a fantastic painter. Recently inspired by politics, Heffernan has found strength and inspiration in educating her children about our society’s vast wealth of strong female figures.

Hanako Mimiko

Growing up in Galicia, Hanako Mimiko was surrounded by green landscapes, tradition, and extensive mythology. This gorgeous environment created a magical place to be a child. She currently lives in Barcelona, and spends her days drawing, painting, and talking with the other women in her studio space. Through a combination of life experiences and personal growth, Mimiko finds inspiration for her artwork. Each piece is born of markers or acrylic paint.

Laura Salgarolo

What you're about to see will not do Laura Salgarolo justice. This talented artist kicks ass in almost every discipline. From printmaking, to painting, bookmaking, letterpress, sculpture, to illustration - Salgarolo pulls no punches when it comes to experimentation. Her meandering portfolio is connected by the concept of stories.

Herekita Con K

Some of you may already recognize our dear Herekita Con K. This gorgeous artist was featured in our most recent print edition, but we need SO MUCH MORE! Herekita uses these bold beauties to reveal the inner monologue of modern womanhood. She illustrates our vulnerabilities on the bodies of these women and in the titles of her paintings. Each of her luscious ladies oozes their fierce femininity within their environments.

Brittany Maldonado

The work Brittany Maldonado creates focuses on the resilience and power she sees in her fellow females. This collage based artist channels her energy into cutting and perfectly placing every piece of paper. Maldonado strives to find the balance between allowing herself to get messy and not letting perfectionism restrict her creative freedom. Some pieces are influenced by a terrible breakups, and piecing herself back together. Pain, life and an appreciation for the female form shines through in her work. 

Luisa Rivera

Paper Darts is a longtime fan of Luisa Rivera. Originally from Chile, Rivera now lives and works in London. But before living in London, she lived in Minneapolis, the original nesting place for Paper Darts. We have ties to her that we never want to sever, but mostly because she's an incredibly artist and human. Rivera uses water-based paints, such as acrylic, pencil, watercolor, and gouache, to create quick thumbnail sketches. Both the female figure and nature are at the heart of her work. After finding her favorite direction, Rivera goes large-scale, fiercely relying on her intuition and gut to compose each piece. 

Kakeru Asai

Kakeru Asai literally breathes life into his paintings. Rarely using a paintbrush, Asai uses his own breath to blow paint across the surface of the canvas. With each piece, Asai hopes to merge his inner thoughts and universe with the universe around him.

Shawna Gilmore

The following paintings are drawn from the deep winter-forged well of Shawna Gilmore's overactive imagination. Her eclectic folk-style brings together her love for vintage photography, nature, mysticism, metaphors, fairytales, science, and humor. Steal away to the dream-scapes and mystical forests. These lovely forms of escapism make us reach for a telescope, a sword, and a bouquet of flowers. 

Larissa de Jesus

Originally from Puerto Rico, Larissa de Jesus is currently a student at Hunter College. Her work blends elements of photography and painting. Larissa loves images that bathe the human form in color and light. 

Alina Vergnano

Become entwined within the spindly fingers of Alina Vergnano's women. This Nordic based artist draws from the stark and minimalist beauty of her surroundings. Enjoy as she journeys through numerous mediums with her bold and unique style. 

Agostino Iacurci

It might be time to move to Italy, guys. Street artists are thriving there, and Agostino Iacurci is one of the best. Why? Iacurci's attention to detail, timing, and use of medium is masterful. His images sprawl and jump across walls in the way comics stretch across pages. The juxtaposition of the aging walls with his lonely characters and clue-like props all tell subtle stories, colored with tones of mischief and loneliness. We want more. So, Italy—here we come.

Betsy Walton

Betsy Walton's paintings are electrified by color, pattern, and geometric shapes. This buzzing energy is balanced by her figures, draped stoically over the abstract landscapes. If these paintings were the pages of an illustrated book, the story might be a tragic romance. These paintings beg to be entered. They want you to tell them their story. We feel them as much as see them. We have lost ourselves in them. We never want to leave, and we pretty much won't leave until we can wear one of those head to toe suits.