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Katrin Coetzer

Our very own Capetown Queen - Katrin Coetzer creates her artwork with a naturalistic touch and a fantastical air. With original techniques, Coetzer uses water-based media on paper, and her gouache paints and ink. This glorious artist and mother creates work for picture books, editorial, brand work, and exhibitions.

Hallie Bateman

The darling and thoughtful Hallie Bateman currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Her days are spent juggling her numerous artistic projects, and pushing herself to read more feminist literature. Each of her whimsical images reminds us of the Madeline drawings of Ludwig Bemelmans. As a kid, comics were a big part of her life - everything from Far Side to Foxtrot. Nowadays, she brings her work to life with ink and paper.

Nicole Simpkins

An illustrator, a sculptor, a book artist, and a true maker—Nicole Simpkins believes in ghosts, and logically believes in the existence of aliens. Paper Darts believes in her ability to twist our minds and effect our dreams.

Ghazaleh Rastgar

As a child, Ghazaleh Rastgar would watch her aunt paint expressionist style landscapes. This supportive aunt would allow Rastgar to use her crayons and inspire the young artist to draw. Nowadays, she's been lovingly featured on Lenny Letter multiple times, and often contemplates the balance of spirituality and contemplative realms.

Kathy de Castro

Filipina artist Kathy de Castro is a many-splendid thing! She illustrates, she animates, she sculpts, and all of this brings us so much joy. De Castro utilizes the softer medium of graphite with the bold tones of cut-out paper. This gorgeous pairing allows for the figures in her pieces to be sensitive and vulnerable amidst their striking environments. Fall into the rabbit hole!


Wonderful Sarlis (a.k.a. Sarah Lasater) blew our minds with her Inktober drawings. These inky images brought us back to our love of Ludwig Bemelman's Madeline and Edward Gorey's lined illustrations. Enjoying her life in D.C., Sarlis spends her days illustrating powerful ladies and incorporating them into apparel on her online store, which she runs out of her apartment.

Dadu Shin

Our last visit with Shin focused on his series "I Don't Like Clothes." This time, we're diving deeper into more of his art, and we'll check out a couple sketches from the clothing series. Shin's work often focuses on the therapeutic aspects of the creative process, which is why we truly enjoy his work. In the past, he used to center on the idealized, perfected finished project. But now, he's more interested in the path to the final project, and all the lessons and trails your mind goes down along the way. 

Jacob Yeates

Jacob Yeates is a Minneapolis based artist, hellbent on pushing himself to learn and to empathize. Each piece is a rough and stark hallucination, born of graphite and conte. His work is balancing act of pulp, gross cynicism, ugly drawings, and humorous elements. 

Laurent Moreau

Whether it's his stellar drumming in the band SLAAP, or the creative inventiveness of his illustrations, Laurent Moreau gets our heart beat racing. This France-based drummer is also a prolific illustrator. Moreau draws and draws and draws and draws, and we couldn't be more grateful! With a mixture of pencils, sketchbooks, brushes, and paint, Moreau fills his Tumblr with the endless etchings of a curious mind.

Dominic Beyeler

Dominic Beyeler's prolific style can be seen in his daily sketches. Balancing bold colors and swift lines, Beyeler captures a fierce vulnerability within every face. Residing in Switzerland, Beyeler remembers the first time he earned money for his artwork, which secured his interest in being a professional artist: the splatter, the ink, our hearts. 

C. M. Kosemen

Originally from Turkey, Kosemen is a creative and inventive explorer. This talented artist blends elements of evolution, mythology, biology, natural history, and the EXTRAORDINARY. Kosemen's work is not only beautiful, but informative. Each drawing is a true interpretation of what the creatures may have looked like, where they lived, and how big they were. 

Joan Casaramona Gual

Dig under your mattress, the back of the closet, from the depths of your desk. Gather up all your doodle notebooks and get ready to drool over the ink stained pages of Joan Casaramona Gual. This Barcelona based artist fills pages and pages with his round faced ladies and the many other characters that inhabit his brain.