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Mark Conlan

It all starts with a sketch. Mark Conlan never goes anywhere without his Moleskine notebook. Each of his illustrations starts with a simple sketch. Pencils and markers on a simple sheet of paper help him spark an idea. From there, he draws digitally, bringing to life a plethora of pigments and touch a touch of the fantastic.

Rebecca Green

Each of these female focused drawings infuses elements of nature, magic, and absolute cuteness - which is why we fell in love. Green draws inspiration from the stories of her past. As an imaginative child, Green would play school, dentist, and grocery store. Her games of pretend have brought her to a career where creativity and make believe are essential.

Ori Toor

Israel’s own Ori Toor grew up with a passion for cartoons and animation. This young artist grew up on Fantasia and watching his mother paint carpet designs with watercolors. His style evolved from a smattering of animated television shows. In his current practice, Toor strives to incorporate mundane material into each of his detailed pieces. Music and object are at harmony throughout his work. Such lively rhythms and swirls of color are evident in his GIF animations. In a cozy space, with a clear head, Toor digitally composes these kooky and funky designs.

Laurent Moreau

Whether it's his stellar drumming in the band SLAAP, or the creative inventiveness of his illustrations, Laurent Moreau gets our heart beat racing. This France-based drummer is also a prolific illustrator. Moreau draws and draws and draws and draws, and we couldn't be more grateful! With a mixture of pencils, sketchbooks, brushes, and paint, Moreau fills his Tumblr with the endless etchings of a curious mind.

Shane Beam

Prepare yourself to enter the zany world of the incredibly talented Shane Beam. Originally from Fairfax, Virginia, this young illustrator is currently a full time animation student at DePaul University's School of Cinematic Arts in Chicago. Wielding his tablet like a sword, Beam's animations cut through his, "unexpected senses of crippling anxiety and self bring about unexpected moments of connectedness."

Rosemary Valero-O'Connell

Rosemary currently resides in Minneapolis, MN. She spent most of her childhood in Zaragoza, Spain. As a nervous child, her father would often tell her, "A por ellos, que son pocos y cobardes," which loosely translates to, "Go get 'em, for they are few and they are all cowards."