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Alexandra Dvornikova

We’re revisiting our favorite Russian wood nymph, Alexandra Dvornikova. Originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, Dvornikova now lives and makes art in London. Her artwork is infused with her love of nature. She creates in a space where no eyes can see her, private and invisible to an audience until the piece is done. As a digital artist, Dvornikova comprises her work with her imagination, memories, bytes of information, and endless pixels.

Parker Day

This caffeinated, cat-cuddling, object-hunting photographer stunned us with their vibrant color palettes and memorable style. Los Angeles–based photographic artist Parker Day explores the angst of our potential selves. Many of their objects are thrifted, and each photograph is a collaboration with the subject, allowing them to let the thrift speak through the both of them, finding objects to create a cohesive and out-there image.

Brittany Maldonado

The work Brittany Maldonado creates focuses on the resilience and power she sees in her fellow females. This collage based artist channels her energy into cutting and perfectly placing every piece of paper. Maldonado strives to find the balance between allowing herself to get messy and not letting perfectionism restrict her creative freedom. Some pieces are influenced by a terrible breakups, and piecing herself back together. Pain, life and an appreciation for the female form shines through in her work. 

Kate Laster

Anchorage, Alaska's own Kate Laster is an artist and poet, and most importantly, a "chaos induced" doodler. Our love of her work is only matched by our shared appreciation of Maggie Nelson. Laster now resides in San Francisco, earning her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. This printmaker creates her work from Medium Density Fiber Wood (DMF), emphemera, and vellum paper. Laster believes in embracing and never shying away from your emotions

Whitney Humphreys

Whitney Humphreys is a glowing and miraculous seaside mermaid. This California native works in many mediums, including oil paint, charcoal, sculpted fabric, but she primarily calls herself a printmaker. Her favorite print mediums include woodcuts, screenprints, and lithographs. She tends to bury herself in her projects, but she loves working toward goals, surrounded by a swirl of art, coffee, and friends!

Christopher Williams

California native Christopher Williams is currently earning his BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, a promise he made to his father, who passed away two years ago. His overwhelming sense of chromatics and culture have become the foundation to his painting practice. With a combination of oils, watercolor, and graphite, Williams creates bold portraits in which each of the subjects is emboldened with a fierce strength. 

Cristina Daura

Cristina Daura is a pearl. She finds inspiration in her favorite comics and challenges herself by sticking to specific color palettes. Her twisted narratives, such as taking LSD or riding one's nanny like a horse, create charmingly unique comics specific to her boundless imagination.

Marina Esmeraldo

Raised in Brazil, Marina Esmeraldo now splits her time between Barcelona and London, but no matter where she draws, her radical lines, shapes, and colors mash together to create something loud, feminist, and new.

Nathan O. Marsh

Clapping in movie theaters has never been more appropriate. If your next film experience includes artwork from Pittsburgh's Nathan O. Marsh, then get ready to applaud! Marsh's diverse body of work can be seen in films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015).

C. M. Kosemen

Originally from Turkey, Kosemen is a creative and inventive explorer. This talented artist blends elements of evolution, mythology, biology, natural history, and the EXTRAORDINARY. Kosemen's work is not only beautiful, but informative. Each drawing is a true interpretation of what the creatures may have looked like, where they lived, and how big they were. 

Joan Casaramona Gual

Dig under your mattress, the back of the closet, from the depths of your desk. Gather up all your doodle notebooks and get ready to drool over the ink stained pages of Joan Casaramona Gual. This Barcelona based artist fills pages and pages with his round faced ladies and the many other characters that inhabit his brain.


The illustrator Daniela Tieni works and lives in Rome, but she pulls from otherworldly inspiration. Through her imagination, women's bodies morph and fold and twist into something new.

Daniel Stolle

Meet Daniel Stolle! This German born, Finland residing artist holds on to the possibility that aliens might exist. Dreaming in bold yellows, Stolle begins his work as simple pencil and paper sketches that culminate in bold digital pieces. 

Eero Lampinen

Eero Lampinen is a Helsinki-based illustrator who works with ink, brushes, watercolor and a dreamy digital color palette. His characters seem to inhabit an alternate reality. Let's dive into that reality head-first, shall we?

Alexandra Dvornikova

Alexandra Dvornikova's work is steeped in Russian folklore. Beautiful and haunting, her work takes you to the middle of a forest, deep in the dark of night, and asks you to wander there alone. We want to know everything we can about this forest of serene and cerebral ladies. Each illustration deserves a novel's worth of a story behind it—and maybe an orchestral score too.

Ahra Kwon

Graphic design, photography, illustration, Ahra Kwon can do it all. Sparse and sharp, with a calming and modern color palette, the world simply needs more of Kwon's work. 

Bodil Jane

Bodil Jane is an illustrator from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  Bodil, whose name means "female warrior" in Danish, presents a world where women are calm, peaceful, and at home in their bodies and their apartments. We like this world. We wish we could live in it indefinitely.