Reframed: Graphics and GIFS

Reframed: Graphics and GIFS

A reaction gif is worth a minimum of 1,500 words, but art gifs are worth even more. Maybe like 2,750. Gifs have been around since 1987, but only in recent years have they begun to make the transition from GeoCities-style annoyance to art form. The following artists will be featured in the upcoming gif exhibition in the Paper Darts Pop-Up at SooLOCAL (a division of SooVAC) from June 14 through June 26.


Sophie Alda

An illustrator/painter/prop maker based in London who won’t reject a handmade aesthetic.


Mr. Div

A motion graphics designer and aspiring game developer with a grainy finish.


Tommi Gweilo

An illustrator/animator/musician working from Brooklyn with folkloric and cyberpunk flare.

Symphony of death.gif


A psychology grad living in Kiev, Ukraine, who recently flipped the switch from black and white to color.


Charles Huettner

A Pennsylvania-based artist and animator who brings cute characters to strange life.


Skip Hursh

A Brooklyn-based artist/designer who’s one part quality Midwestern stock and two parts playful abstraction.


Julian Glander

An artist/designer from Brooklyn who knows the value of not taking oneself too seriously.

This Heartless Hammer.gif

James Jirat Patradoon

An Australian artist with a penchant for black metal and pro wrestling.



A Chinese animator/illustrator with a darling take on life.


Mimi Leung

A UK-schooled/Australia-based artist whose mission is to impart ”delirious joy.”

Jewelry and Nail Art

Jewelry and Nail Art

Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis