Kris Chau

Kris Chau

Interesting people make interesting art. Hard working, interesting people
make the best art.
—Kris Chau

Kris Chau is one of our favorite ladies with a pen. Period. Clothing designer by day, artist and illustrator by night, she does it all with a killer sense of humor. We were lucky enough to ask Miss Chau a few questions for a feature in the upcoming Paper Darts Volume 4. But we couldn't wait to get her on our website. Rest assured there is more to come. In the meantime, find her delightful blog Chau Face Time for notes on food, family, the home, cats, clothes, and art. 


Paper Darts: We appreciate that your ladies have a serious sense of humor. You often write humorous and biting notes alongside your drawings, for example, “My Coquette You Hurt Me Just to Prove You Were Cynical” or “Big Sexy Giant Killer.” Do you use humor to balance out the raw beauty of your images?

Kris Chau: Look at you guys! Reading the tiny script around my art. My drawings and paintings tend to lend themselves to being “pretty” which is something I can’t help. So to balance that out, I want the viewer to understand that it is not all serious. You should never take yourself to seriously. And in order for things to be good, there needs to be a balance of salty and sweet. 


PD: On the art of keeping a sketchbook, you have said “making art is a visual language, and these sketches are widening your visual vocabulary.” We love the idea of art as a language honed through practice. Can you speak more about your relationship with your sketchbook? And how your own visual language has developed maturity and consistency throughout your career?

KC: Keeping a sketchbook is just good practice. When you are a baby bird artist you have really grand ideas on who you are and what you want your art to be. But what you make is a reflection of who you are. Interesting people make interesting art. Hard working, interesting people make the best art. Your sketchbook allows you to fail and try again or triumph and understand, privately. Without that often you are just stuck making the same type of imagery over and over again. 


PD: What do you think a woman’s clothing says about her? As a clothing designer, how conscious of clothing are you while drawing your personal artwork?

KC: Oh, these questions, I’m embarassed that anyone knows this much about me. I conciously never draw the clothes as to take over the subject. But I must say drawing clothes is very fun. Clothes are fun, I enjoy seeing girls having fun with their everyday personal image. Clothes should never confine who you are or make you feel bad. They are in your control and should always be fun.


PD: Do you ever wish you could live in one of your sketchbooks? We do.

KC: Ahahahahahahahahhahah, kindest. Thank you. I like where I live now actually =) 

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