Thereza Rowe

Thereza Rowe


Thereza Rowe is a London-based, Brazilian-born illustrator who aims to remain a child at heart. It's like craft time never ended for Rowe—her playful scenes and characters are created by layering paper cutouts in bright colors. We imagine her artwork smells like Elmer's Glue and pink milk. It is easy to see that she loves what she does, and we love her all the more for it. We recently asked Thereza to show us around her lovely imagination by answering a few questions about her craft and career. 

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PD:  How important is humor to your work? It looks like a lot of fun to create.

TR: Humor is not something I'm conscious of whilst creating. I guess it just comes naturally with my thoughts and conversations with the characters and things I draw as I’m drawing them. A bit like telling a story. I do have a lot of fun and it’s good to know it shows!


PD:  Can you describe your process?

TR: I don't really have a process. It all depends on the subject, mood I'm in at the time, type of pen or paper I choose to sketch with, etc.…then I draw and cut bits and then more bits, then I put them all together on one canvas, start scaling, and see how they work together and if they're communicating what I intend.


PD:  Describe your workspace. 

TR: Some sort of organized chaos. Aladdin's cave? Yeah, that too. Maybe due to the fact that I have a habit of hiding ace things just for the joy of finding them sometime in the future and experiencing that unbelievable surge of happiness, not even remembering I had that object in the first place.


PD: On your website you state that you love to drink pink milk. Is that the key to maintaining a healthy imagination into adulthood? Seriously, though. How do you foster that impressively healthy imagination of yours?

TR: Pink milk is definitely one of my magic fuels. I've never really grown out of it. Then again, at heart, I don't think I'll ever be older than 12…this may well be the answer to a healthy imagination.

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PD:  Who was your childhood hero?

TR: Superhero? Spider-Man. I've had a crush on him for as long as I can remember.

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PD:  Who is your hero now?

TR: Spider-Man. See, I haven't really grown up that much.

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