Soey Milk

Soey Milk

Soey Milk's lavish and witty oil paintings are the product of an old soul with a modern sense of humor. It's clear that Milk has a love affair with oil paint, and it is infectious. This is old fashioned oil painting and old fashioned portraiture reinvented for today's art audience. Portraiture is its own brand of storytelling, and the heroines of Milk's stories are seductive and endlessly interesting. Fueled by surprising choices of white hair, fur scarves, tiny sculls, polished fruits, and fashionable accessories, Soey Milk presents the viewer with a symbolism that begs for conversation. 

Soey Milk's story is just beginning, we can't wait to see what the young artist does next. Follow Soey Milk's art making and adventures at her blog, Milk Bomb.

kitsune resize.jpg

Kitsune - Oil on paper


Dreary - Oil on paper

Treat (RESIZE).jpg

Tasting - Oil on paper

Vermillion (RESIZE).jpg

Vermillion - Oil on paper

4,015 Resize.jpg

4,015 - Oil on wood


Left: After Hers - Oil on wood  //  Right: Caitlin - Oil on wood   

Zakuroishi (RESIZE).jpg

Zakuroishi - Oil on wood


Left: Cali - Oil on wood  //  Right: Pamela - Oil on wood

All Rights Resserved to Soey Milk.

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Lisa Iglesias

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Sophia Narrett