Antony Squizzato

Antony Squizzato

Antony Squizzato has a style all his own. He is French. He likes video games. And you just can’t create a world of adorable monsters without being an all around good guy. If you're into awesome stuff, you will definitely want to pick up the Paper Darts Volume 4 to read our full, fantastic interview with Antony, and to see why this inspiring man kicks ass every single day while balancing a very busy life. Squizzato is the creative director for Periscope Creationsand he maintains a vivid web presence for his solo illustration career, all while being a dad. Just imagine what it would have been like to have a dad that could create these little monsters...


Paper Darts: Your sense of humor is very evident in your illustration. We love it.

Who makes you laugh?

Antony Squizzato: Maybe using humor in my illustration is a reaction to a world that I find not that funny.

When I was younger, I was a fan of illustrators like Mordillo and French strip artists like Gotlib, Jean Solé, and Riad Sattouf. Lately, some French authors have also made me laugh, like Anouk Ricard and Coucous Bouzon.


PD: Do you enjoy reading? What is your favorite book of all time?

AS: I have a collection of graphic novels and comics, mostly from French, U.S. and Japanese authors. I’ve always been inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes. I enjoy reading newspapers, and I am especially attracted to stories about social issues. I’m constantly purchasing all kinds of books and magazines; that’s my little obsession. I’m a compulsive reader, obviously, and I’m afraid I have no favorite book.


PD: You have said you were very inspired by Paul Klee. Which artist working today most inspires you?

AS: Paul Klee was a giant because his works were very raw and graphic, but he was also a multi-skilled genius with talents in theatre, music, and physics. Sense and instinct at the same time. Reality and abstraction.

It’s difficult to be “inspired” by artists you find on the web, because there is less distance. You can always mail them or join their Facebook page. I have noticed I am more touched by artists I discover in a museum exhibit or in a book than artists whose web portfolios are in my Tumblr or Flickr queue. It’s better if the first contact is physical.

Inspiration via the web is killing the way people find their own path. They feel guilty exploring their own thoughts and techniques. It’s more about feeding than inspiring. My mind is oversaturated by images from the web. More than anything, I am inspired by my children and by observing the world around me.


One of the many reasons we love Antony Squizzato, is for the blog he keeps over at MinistryOfMonsters, where he explores "our deeper, monstrous thoughts, the darker side of our media corrupted soul." The site highlights a new monster every week. He warns "Your twin monster may be there."


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