Daniel Stolle

Meet Daniel Stolle! This German born, Finland residing artist holds on to the possibility that aliens might exist. Dreaming in bold yellows, Stolle begins his work as simple pencil and paper sketches that culminate in bold digital pieces. 

Eero Lampinen

Eero Lampinen is a Helsinki-based illustrator who works with ink, brushes, watercolor and a dreamy digital color palette. His characters seem to inhabit an alternate reality. Let's dive into that reality head-first, shall we?

David McMillan

David McMillan is a Belfast-based artist who has left his mark within the city through his mural work. You can find his bold colors and uniquly identifiable figures throughout the city. And if you can't swing the ticket to Ireland, check out more of his artwork here!

Isabelle Feliu

We see the best versions of our outfitted selves in the work of the illustrator Isabelle Feliu. She draws women in clothes that feel alive, real, and playful.

Jaime Jacob

Netherlands based illustrator, Jaime Jacob builds her work layer by layer. Many of pieces pay homage to her love of movies. Starting with black ink, then scanning in and adding color digitally, Jacob draws inspiration from vintage travel posters and childhood book covers. Each piece holds a story-like quality. With creatures and creepers, witches, and plants weaving their way through her work.

Keith Negley

Have you ever looked over at a New York Times' illustration and thought, "Wow, I really love that?" The illustration was probably Keith Negley's. This Washington-based illustrator is a powerhouse. His work is often featured in publications across the country, and also has two of his own books available. Wrought with emotion, his illustrations often break the stereotype of macho men, reminding us all that we're human and it's okay to cry.

Alexandra Dvornikova

Alexandra Dvornikova's work is steeped in Russian folklore. Beautiful and haunting, her work takes you to the middle of a forest, deep in the dark of night, and asks you to wander there alone. We want to know everything we can about this forest of serene and cerebral ladies. Each illustration deserves a novel's worth of a story behind it—and maybe an orchestral score too.

Karol Banach

Karol Banach is a Polish illustrator obsessed with hip hop listener, coffee, and tattoos. While we are guessing those are common interests among millennial illustrators, Karol is uncommonly good. 

Jeannie Phan

Jeannie Phan is an art director's dream. Phan is an illustrator at the top of her game, working with some of the finest publications in the land. In her capable hands—complex, wonky, and sensitive material magically morphs into a modern and evocative image. In an era where journalism has never mattered more, we need artists like Phan to keep readers on the ready. Browsing through her portfolio forces you to reckon with some of the most pressing conversations of our time on death, gender, sickness, work, and diversity. 

Ahra Kwon

Graphic design, photography, illustration, Ahra Kwon can do it all. Sparse and sharp, with a calming and modern color palette, the world simply needs more of Kwon's work. 

Bodil Jane

Bodil Jane is an illustrator from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  Bodil, whose name means "female warrior" in Danish, presents a world where women are calm, peaceful, and at home in their bodies and their apartments. We like this world. We wish we could live in it indefinitely. 

Phoebe Summers

Phoebe Summers describes herself this way: A Freelance illustrator with penchant for pattern, saccharine color schemes and DIY ethic. We adore her, and could go on and on and on about this fact, but her work (and the way she talks about her work) speaks for itself. 

Levi Jacobs

The Dutch illustrator Levi Jacobs is wholly original, crazy good, and hyper modern. He manages to be eerily emotive while also extremely efficient with shape, color, and line. Swooooooon.

Nina Chanel Abney

Nina Chanel Abney's work is important. Gulp down that coffee. Sit your butt still, and take it all in. Her intricate and powerful paintings hold stories of who we are and how we live. Into her bold and playful colors and shapes, Abney paints portraits of race, gender, sexuality, the media, and injustice.

Kaye Blegvad

Kaye Blegvad's drawings range from hilarious to heartbreaking, and we're wholly obsessed (and jealous). Originally from London, this talented illustrator has brought her ladies to a myriad of forms. Having drawn for the New York Times, Penguin Random House, and much more, we can see how narrative and individualistic her style is. 

Rafael Varona

American politics are in a terrible, terrible, terrible, terrrrrible state. It is winter. Life is hard. Sure you could sit in a pit of deep, deep despair, but let's take a cue from musicals, shall we? Why not. La La Land has just swept the Golden Globes. Let's all pretend we have the energy to go on. Let's lose ourself in the silly, daydreamy, technically brilliant wonderland of  the Berlin-and Amsterdam-based illustrator and animator Rafael Varona.

Martín Elfman

Martín Elfman is a spanish-argentinian illustrator and traveller. He has lived in Israel, Barcelona, Lisbon, Venice and Naples. There's just something about simple lines and anything-but-simple ideas that Martín does oh so well. Clean and complex.

Sarah Evenson

Sarah Evenson's anthropology-like instincts have caught our eye. Each illustration explores a facet of the inbetween, blending notions of pseudo-science and an irreverence toward tradition.