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Caitlin Skaalrud

According to us, this young, Minneapolis-based phenom is no mere comic artist. Caitlin Skaalrud is a poet, philosopher, and all around art genius. She runs her one woman show under the name Talk Weied Press, with the help of an ancient printing press named Maisie. We asked her a few questions about what it's like to amazing, and her answers blew us away. You will want to own one of these comics. Definitely check out her website and her store.

Reframed: Graphics and GIFS

A reaction gif is worth a minimum of 1,500 words, but art gifs are worth even more. Maybe like 2,750. Gifs have been around since 1987, but only in recent years have they begun to make the transition from GeoCities-style annoyance to art form. The following artists will be featured in the upcoming gif exhibition in the Paper Darts Pop-Up at SooLOCAL (a division of SooVAC) from June 14 through June 26.


Laura Callaghan

Laura Callaghan is an Irish illustrator based in Southeast London, but you'll recognize the women in her drawings no matter where you live. Her fashion-focused illustrations are filled with a refreshing amount of personality, curve, and wit. The female subjects are not just posing for the viewer, they are frozen in action and project a sense of an interior life. Sure, Callaghan will give you a whole lot of pretty to soak in, but there's depth to the drawings too. We love that her moody, active ladies cradle books along with decapitated heads. This is clearly an illustrator after all three of our OctoLady's hearts

Bill Rebholz

Bill Rebholz is a Wisconsin-bred illustrator, designer, and lettering artist whose charming retro style is punctuated by flowing line work and a street smart sense of humor. Bill and I graduated together from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design this past spring, and we caught up recently to talk about life after art school and the transition into the working design world.

Stephanie Voegele

My current research investigates intersections between the human body and the adornment on its surface. Seemingly similar in function, skin, jewelry, and clothing both reveal even as they conceal, seduce, and repulse. What we place upon our body becomes a part of our being, another external layer of our manipulation. These layers are constantly transitioning between the external and internal. It's in this dichotomy where my interest lies.

Andy DuCett

Andy DuCett is a visual artist based in Minneapolis who creates installations built from found objects and large- scale drawings on paper, made with ink and colored pencil. His most recent such drawing, “Thumbs up (We must be living right),” was shown as part of the exhibition Painting Zombies: Permanence/Impermanence at the Katherine Nash Gallery at the University of Minnesota. The drawing was over two years in the making.

Silja Magg

Silja Magg is a young Icelandic photographer living in New York City. Her work is arty and dark, but remains deeply reverent to a fashion photography lineage. Photography runs in her the family — Silja's father was a photographer — and so Silja has spent much of her life shaping her unique eye for detail.