Vanja Vukelic

Vanja Vukelic

“I am here to be a creative service in the world and I am safe in my body.”

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Vanja Vukelic mines the hidden realms, is inspired by her inner spirit, and brings to life her numerous dreams. With pens and inks, this prolific artist combines elements of both the natural and mystical worlds. Our inspiring queen has reclaimed her life, choosing to focus on healing others and celebrating her creative instincts.

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As a child, Vukelic would make New Years postcards for everyone in her family. She would decorate the cards with Christmas trees, gardens, cozy houses, and yards full of animals.

She grew up in Vares, a mountainous town in the valley of River Stavanja in the Balkan Peninsula. Today, she splits her time between Toronto and the Bay Area.

Music has majorly influenced Vukelic’s life:

“Music was never a source of identity for me, but a pathway of expressing feelings and rediscovery and activation of my own unique gifts.”

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As an artist, Vukelic utilizes retractable pens, graphite, colored pencils, and ink. Her ideal art-making space would be a glass studio in the mountains or forest—somewhere empty and bright and silent.

Vukleic begins every morning with a song, a dance, recording her dreams, and a plant-based breakfast. She loves living in a ritualistic routine, making sure every action is done with intention and reverence.

What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

“The only opinion that matters is the one you have of yourself.”

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What’s the last dream you can remember?

“Swimming with a pod of dolphins and wondering if I was a dolphin or the water itself.”

What is your favorite virtue?


What is your main fault?


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