Aurore Thill

Aurore Thill

Aurore Thill is a revelation, a seer, an inspiration. She found herself in a digital medium, processing her artwork in a totally different way. As a new-wave artist, Thill praises the use of Instagram for artists.

“I think Instagram is an amazing platform to get inspired by the creativity of others. And also a good way to get to know other artists! Instagram really motivates me to stay productive, and to go further in my work.”

This illustrator takes a single idea and entrenches it in magic. With each piece, she strives to find “it”—a fantastical element that brings her creations to life.


One of her earliest art memories took place when she was about four or five years old. Thill would copy the artwork she saw in children’s books, especially illustrations that infused female characters. Her mother would buy her books about fairies and princesses. Little Thill was obsessed with the beautiful images of women.


Thill is originally from France, but she spent her childhood in a town called Metz, on the border of Luxembourg and Germany. After studying art in Paris for two years, she moved to Belgium.

She continually oscillates between homes, bringing her cat with her everywhere.


One of Thill’s guilty pleasures is ASMR.

Thank god for all the ASMR on Youtube these days. It works on me like sleeping pills.”


In the art world, her guilty pleasure is drawing naked bodies.

“I am learning to be proud of my flaws, and most of all to let others see my vulnerabilities. I find drawing naked bodies to be an empowering way to help.”

Thill dreams of having a shared studio with creative friends. Each of them would be surrounded with plants and flowers, little objects that inspire them, their beloved pets, and of course, enough space and materials to create.


Thill currently creates at whatever desk or couch she finds herself at.


What accomplishment of yours would you like to shout from the rooftops?

BEING ALIVE!!! I know it seems so simple, but living can get very hard. The things I accomplished and was proud of didn’t matter when I was at my lowest. Finding hope did. So I’m proud of myself, and of others who’ve had to (or still do) deal with this.”


Do you believe in ghosts?

“I’m not sure. I believe in out-of-body experiences. Check out Nicolas Fraisse’s story—he collaborated with scientists to ‘prove’ his mind wanderings were not just lucid dreams.”


Do you believe in aliens?

“Of course! How could we be the only living things in an universe so big we can’t even comprehend it?’’

What’s one piece of advice you’d offer your younger self?

“Don’t live your life based on the expectations of others; you will never be happy if you don’t follow what your guts tell you. Also, don’t go out on the 15th of September 2016.”


Aurore Thill is a champion of body positivity and optimism.

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