Suzanne Dias

Suzanne Dias

No one can make orange looks as sweet as our darling Suzanne Dias.

Dias finds the muse in the depths of her feelings, and in the details of her environment. Her individual mood and state of mind continually influence her artwork. Bold, digital, breathtaking - the work of starts in pencil and black ink, before being transformed into the vibrant hues you see before you.


As a child, Dias loved the work of anime artists and Japanese manga. She spent hours drawing famous characters, and studying their styles. Her love of drawing came from tracing her sister’s illustrations. Over and over, she copied designs until she learned to draw her own.


Dias loves to create in a big airy room. Music is blasted. Plants are humming. Colorful, beautiful objects surround her. In an ideal world, she’d love to be next to the ocean, but for now, a view of the city works well. Final composition typically takes the form of digital mediums. Traditional materials, however, let her play with color composition, geometric experimentation, and blending.


“My standard materials include pencils, a black liner pen, my sketchbook, my MacBook Air and my trusty Wacom Intuos Pro drawing tablet. The iPad Pro is my material of choice while travelling.”

For Dias, daytime is work time. And nights are reserved for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Dias believes in both aliens and ghosts.

Her favorite virtue is honesty.


If not yourself, who would you be?

“Even though it sometimes seems like it, I don't think anyone has a perfect or problem-free life. I wouldn’t like to swap with anyone, so I'm pretty content just being me :)”

What’s one piece of advice you’d offer your younger self?

“Stop caring so much about what other people think, and just put yourself out there.”


The inspiration of Suzanne Dias can be your daily art-making fuel.

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