Thoka Maer

Thoka Maer

Little Drops of Joy


Featuring Thoka Maer was a struggle for us octoladies, because she’s TOO talented. This animator/illustrator extraordinaire has a seemingly endless body of work. Each of her adorable illustrations has a personality all its own. Maer has drawn everything from the struggles facing new motherhood to magical unicorn llamas, Sumo wrestlers, and a whole host of adorable house pets. Frolic through the glorious field that is Maer’s mind, and get ready to fall completely in love.


Maer was born in Spremberg, Germany, and now draws on a daily basis in Brooklyn, New York. Her daily existence consists of work and thinking about her work. As a kiddo, Maer liked pickled beets over chocolate ice cream, and was thoroughly in love with her Tamagotchi. She still thinks about her virtual pet every now and then, but has switched her preference to chocolate ice cream. Maer notes Berlin as the site of her budding adulthood. She moved there when she was twenty years old, before coming to New York.


With the traditional power of paper and pencil, her work comes to life in a variety of places. Maer believes in a change of scenery to fuel her creativity, but each space must have windows, good smells, and nice people.


Maer can’t pinpoint her first artistic memory. She remembers communistic mosaics and paintings, depicting the proud worker:

“They actually look pretty amazing, and are an epitome of craft, but they sadly idealize a utopian idea. There was a painting of a small workers town, Bruegel style, in my pediatrician’s office.”

Maer’s main focus is animated illustrations, which she brings to life with Photoshop and After Effects on her Wacom Cintiq. In addition, she has been creating large-scale installations and projections, which involve a rear-facing projector and acrylic glass.

Do you believe in aliens?

“I’m a realist, so yes.”

Do you believe in ghosts?


Thoka Maer likes to remind herself that she’s “a fairly decent human.” This glorious repetition keeps her focused, and helps make her dreams come true.


If not yourself, who would you be?

“An eternal puppy.”


What is your favorite virtue?


What is your idea of happiness?


What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

“It’s gonna be okay.”


Maer’s witty work and empathetic nature is here to remind us all that we’re going to be okay.


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