Irana Douer

Irana Douer

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Buenos Aires’s darling Irana Douer began drawing by copying images of Betty Boop and Garfield from her sticker book. The same sense of cartoon aesthetic and narrative style has translated into her current work as an illustrator. Each of these illustrated ladies reveals a darkly realistic aspect of the female experience. Not only is Douer a talented artist, but she is also a fellow arts editor! Ruby Mag is a stellar online publication that features a glorious assortment of artists in every issue. Douer has also recently started a new business with her friend called IDLB, which sells Argentinean artwork that is both accessibly priced and usable in everyday life.

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Douer has always been obsessed with music and food. Her current body of work is influenced by these obsessions, as well as her everyday life. She never limits her sources of inspiration—drawing everything from other artists and people in her life to the emotions she currently feels.

Douer can draw anywhere. She never restricts herself, but dreams about having a large, sunshine-filled space with an array of materials around her. The space would be filled with multiple mediums and materials—everything from drawing to painting, sculpture, ceramics, screen printing, and a really good scanner and printer.


Each of her illustrations is brought to life with mechanical pencil. She loves the weight of good paper, and uses acrylic paints when it comes to her painting practice.


A Budding Entrepreneur:

Douer currently splits her days between working on her own artwork and working on her new business, IDLB, an online store that sells Argentinean based artwork at accessible price. The store was developed over numerous cups of tea and friendly conversation with her business partner. They strive to sell artwork that is useful, such as ceramics, textiles, and publications.


Douer keeps her evenings for herself. She will while away the evening hours eating food, going to art shows, seeing her friends, or just staying at home in her pajamas, watching movies and television.


Do you believe in ghosts?



Do you believe in aliens?

“Of course.”


What’s the last dream you can remember?

“I was in a car, and someone hit on the glass. I woke up very scared, thinking someone was trying to break into my house.”


What is the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?

“I thought I was a witch, because I called someone with my mind.”

What is your idea of happiness?

“Being able to eat all the food in the world and not gain weight.”

If not yourself, who would you be?

“A very loved dog.”

What’s one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

“Don’t worry too much, and don’t cry over everything. Things get solved eventually.”


Douer is proud of the fact that she is becoming more tolerant everyday.

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