Laurène Boglio

Laurène Boglio

“Each one of my GIFs is linked to something that happened in my life that I didn’t understand, flabbergasted me, or at least caught enough of my attention to make me think about it. I like to think they’re all part of a therapy. And just like a therapy, they take a lot of time to make, as I like to do them frame by frame, the old-fashioned way.”

Laurène Boglio is a timeless classic. With her black ink and a clean white sheet of paper, she captures the fascinating oddballs of humanity. This self-proclaimed geek spends a lot of time on the internet, sifting through Pinterest and Instagram. Her friends are a constant source of inspiration. They weave a community of surprises and hilarity that often makes its way into each of these bold illustrations.


Boglio was born in Annecy, France. Now residing in London, she spends her days working on her computer. She breaks up work with GIF-making, an artistic process that provides her a break. Her brilliance flows from the tip of her Muji pens.

Boglio spends her nights watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


Boglio has always been inspired by the work of Joseph Mallard William Turner. While she isn’t a huge fan of color, she admires his ability to capture light and simple color. She finds it endlessly fascinating.


One of her major influences and guilty pleasures is vampires. Boglio has always enjoyed them, and she doesn’t really know why.


“I like the mesmerizing effect GIFs create. You can stare at GIF for a very long time without even realizing it. It also allows you to add an element of surprise to your drawings.”


Boglio loves drawing on airplanes. There, no one can disturb you, and to her, it feels special. Flying through the air is a process that feels so incredible and not normal to Boglio. Drawing on a plane feels like creating in a parallel world.


Boglio’s monochromatic illustrations and use of the negative space create bold environments and shadowy detail.

Do you have a favorite daydream, mantra, or saying that’s important to you?

“I think I’m dumb, or maybe just happy.” —Nirvana


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