Hanako Mimiko

Hanako Mimiko

“This Must Be Something Cool”

When Hanako Mimiko was a child, she drew the cover of The Lion King for her father. He was happy with her finished product, and Mimiko has been following that feeling of artistic creation ever since. Growing up in Galicia, Spain, Mimiko was surrounded by green landscapes, tradition, and extensive mythology. This gorgeous environment created a magical place to be a child. She currently lives in Barcelona, and spends her days drawing, painting, and talking with the other women in her studio space.


Through a combination of life experiences and personal growth, Mimiko finds inspiration for her artwork. Each piece is born of markers or acrylic paint. To balance her working life, Mimiko practices yoga and pilates. She begins each day with a large breakfast, and takes time for herself.

While she began today by saying hello to her cat and her boyfriend, her evenings are reserved for reading, writing, and dancing. As a self-ascribed night owl, she had to put a stop to working and drawing in the evenings. Mimiko spends a lot of time looking at the night sky. But she can’t help but let her eyes wander from her balcony, and occasionally she will spy on her neighbors through their windows.

What accomplishment of yours would you like to shout from the rooftops?

“I can finally live off my art. This is new for me :)”

Do you have a favorite daydream or mantra that’s important to you?

“Everything changes.”

Do you believe in ghosts? Aliens?

“Yes and yes.”


The last she can remember, Mimiko spent a sleepy night dreaming of a friendly ghost.

As a teenager, Mimiko was heavily influenced by the grunge movement. The music, the culture, the fashion—all had a deep impact on her personal growth.


Grunge allowed Mimiko to step into another dimension full of possibilities. These altered universes helped her understand that it’s okay not to always be happy, not to always be correct, and that she didn’t always have to fit in.


“Somehow, I still like being the unadaptable girl. I find this to be my guilty pleasure. I like to go back to my old self, and be sad and not fit in, listening to Nirvana and Fugazi in my room.”

Your favorite virtue?

“My empathy.”


Your main fault?

“I speak tooooooooooooo much.”


What’s one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

“Nothing. She has to experience everything on her own.”

Follow our sage advice, and follow Hanako Mimiko now

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