Lucia Rodriguez

Lucia Rodriguez

Color is her medium and grounding herself is key.

Lucia Rodriguez is a plant mother and a vibrant color enthusiast. Each of her paintings comes to life with oil paints, infused with a glowing texture and a sense of movement. Her color palette collages are reminiscent of hardware store paint card collections curated to an aesthetic perfection. This artist is from Santiago, Chile, and now resides in Denver, Colorado. Over the last four years, Rodriguez has gone through a lot changes. Painting and artwork ground her in the midst of all these transitions.

Rodriguez works in sun-soaked rooms, surrounded by windows and plants. With a combination of good music, coffee, and peace of mind, she uses her oil paints to play with the properties of pigments. 

While Rodriguez doesn't necessarily have a favorite medium, she emphasizes that color is her medium:

Color is my favorite form of communication right now. As a language it may be considered a medium in itself.

A fellow arts nonprofiteer!

Rodriguez splits her days working at a museum and co-running Denver's JuiceBox, a gallery and education space, with her husband. This special space is used to host gallery shows and classes, and have available studio space for artists. Rodriguez is a morning person and uses her nights to relax and snuggle up at home.


Rodriguez’s love for art came from her preschool classroom. As a youngster, she got to paint every week. Dipping her brush in the paint was the most amazing feeling.

Growing up, she was influenced by Disney movies, cartoons, and fashion. But one of her major passions was Sailor Moon:

For years I didn't draw anything but Sailor Moon, and it has stayed with me. I think that even now the background art of the show deeply influenced my painting practice. Every now and then, I work on a Sailor Moon fan art for myself. It always brings me happiness.

Do you believe in ghosts?


Do you believe in aliens?

Yes! I have nightmares about them very often. D:


What is your favorite virtue? 


What is your main fault? 



What is your idea of happiness?

Explore life and experience as many things as possible.

Rodriguez believes that we all need to take "one day at a time."


What's one piece of advice you would give your younger self? 

Don't follow the rules.

Break the rules. Strike out. And get inspired by Lucia Rodriguez. Follow her on Instagram: @luciadivina

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