Charlotte Edey

Charlotte Edey

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Explore the peaceful and pastel-infused landscapes of Charlotte Edey's inner mind.

In the beginning, there was a chicken. Well, that's the case with Charlotte Edey's artistic career. One of her earliest art triumphs was drawing a chicken, which her mother proudly framed. From sketching to print making, tapestries, and ceramics, Charlotte Edey has since expanded her artistic practice.

Edey begins every piece with pencil and fineliner, sketching out her ideas before she moves them to an even greater scale. She tends to color her pages digitally, using light watercolor washes for more texture.


With every year, Edey pushes herself to new heights. She expands her work into a new medium and has worked in everything from concrete relief to copper engravings, tapestry weaving, and hand-painted ceramic pieces. The process of turning her drawings into objects gives them weight and texture.

Visually, Edey is drawn to ideas of vast landscapes:

"I’m drawn to fluidity and wide landscapes. Cities make people feel bigger than they are, but a vast landscape shrinks people. There’s a power in being reminded of how small you really are."
"Recently, I have been drawn to spaces of peace. Private chapels, still-life arrangements, mementos, the right two sentences from a book."

Edey will avoid mornings when she can, and prefers to work with cacophony of podcasts in the background. Her weekdays are a mixed-up balance of drawing, posting prints, and the general administrative stuff that accompanies being a working artist. Weekend days are spent catching up on sunshine.


Edey will work late into the night on her projects. But her downtime is spent on self care, which includes baths, wine, books, and binge-watching (BWBBW!).

On changing things up: 

"Ceramics were a delicate process. While concrete, [they're] extremely temperamental and hands on. Last year I began making woven tapestries, which I love. They are the largest works I have made to date and have the most beautiful texture and weight."

When she was younger, Edey thought the idea of accepting things you cannot change was defeatist. As an adult, she now finds the idea calming. 

"Realizing that there will always be things outside of your control is quite freeing and teaches you patience, which never came naturally to me." 
"My work has become quite a bit softer. There are fewer hard lines and black outlines and I’m working a lot more in pencil."
"I always ask whether what I am stressing about now will matter next week, in two months, or on my deathbed. It helps with perspective to remind yourself that you’ve made it through all of your worst days."

One of Edey's recent accomplishments includes illustrating a book! Her illustrations can be seen in the upcoming release by Penguin Random House entitled The Spirit Almanac by Emma Loewe and Lindsay Kellner. As an avid reader, Edey always dreamed of illustrating a book, and finds the whole process surreal. 

"It’s a really comforting and mystical book. It’s quite surreal that it’s finished. I don’t think it will feel real until I hold the full thing!"

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