Sheena Liam

Sheena Liam


Sheena Liam is a nomad, traveling as a fashion model, embroidering in her spare time. Originally from Malaysia, Liam started her artistic endeavors illustrating, as well as designing outfits and homes for her paper dolls. But it wasn't until she started embroidering her drawings that she felt recognized as an artist. Through her Instagram account, Liam has featured numerous embroidered pieces. Her work has earned her interviews with Teen Vogue, as well as several requests for customized pieces. But Liam finds her embroidery to be a source of individual creative expression:

"I didn't expect peope to like it, and then it got a bit carried away. I get a lot of proposals I don't want to do, and then people get very angry when I don't want to do them."

We octoladies support your choice to keep your art your own!

Liam began her modeling career in 2014 as a contestant on Asia's Next Top Model

Below is a sampling of some photos she took with photographer Lenne Chai (@lenneigh). The photos blend together aspects of both Liam's artistic and modeling careers. 

Credit for these photos goes to photographer Lenne ChaiHair and makeup: Suzie K & Styling—Taylor Erickson. 


As a child, Liam often got in trouble for daydreaming at school. Her thoughts would float to the hand-painted paper dolls she inherited from her mother, and she would spend hours making paper tab–attachable outfits for each doll. And in addition to their many ensembles, Liam would devise houses for her dolls from magazine cut-outs. The houses often became elaborate mansions with numerous rooms and swimming pools.


Liam bases each of her feminine figures on herself. Elements of hairstyle, fashion, and overall design come from her own unique sensibilities.

Liam is a busy woman. When she's not working, she's asleep. When she's not asleep, she's out dancing with friends.

Liam acknowledges the fact that her figures are quite solitary:

"I don't think they are vulnerable—I don't mean for them to be. They are alone because I am learning to depict more figures in a single canvas. My new pieces have a bit more detail as I grow as an artist."

Due to constantly traveling, Liam keeps her art supplies consistent throughout out her projects. She always uses linen, standard sewing needles, and cotton thread. 

Do you believe in ghosts? 

"I'm not sure. Sometimes I feel possessed."


"Yes, definitely."

One of the last songs Liam listened to was "再见我的爱人"—鄧麗君/"Goodbye My Love" by Teresa Teng


While we're saying goodbye for now, you can keep up with Liam on Instagram.

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