Lara Paulussen

Lara Paulussen

When Lara Paulussen is not drawing away, you can find her at the Düsseldorf botanical garden. Her atmospheric illustrations reflect the beauty of nature and her daily life.


Each piece features soft layering to capture vulnerable shifts from moment to moment.

Paulussen is originally from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. As a child, she coveted her grandparents' felt-tipped pens—a luxury she did not have at her own home. These bolder colors made each of her drawings more vibrant and special.

Paulussen began her undergrad artist career making picture books. She wanted to focus on stories with little to no words, allowing the pictures to tell stories on their own and giving the audience a chance to interpret the stories.  

Her foray into GIF animations started in 2014, when she discovered that she loved the sense of atmosphere movement added to her pieces.


Paulussen spends her days making work, often accompanied by a good book and a cup of tea. 

She always makes time to go outside—going for walks, riding her bike, exploring new places—which is incredibly important to her creative process. She also listens to music almost all day long.

"For me, art is a way to be creative and express myself. I like how it can provoke all kinds of emotion, sometimes with only a few brushstrokes."

Paulussen really likes to read and watch movies, TV shows, or documentaries. When she's feeling social, she'll meet up with friends and go to concerts.

And nighttime is most importantly for sleeping. 


Do you believe in ghosts? 

"During the day, no. When I happen to lay awake at night and hear strange sounds . . . maybe!"

Do you believe in aliens? 

"Thinking about the infinity of the universe makes my head dizzy, so I never really think about extraterrestrial stuff. But I guess it's at least possible that aliens exist."

Her mantra of self-care:

"Work hard, but don't forget to have fun."


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