Kathy de Castro

Kathy de Castro

Worlds of paper, patterns, and ink.

Filipina artist Kathy de Castro is a many-splendid thing! She illustrates, she animates, she sculpts, and all of this brings us so much joy. De Castro utilizes the softer medium of graphite with the bold tones of cut-out paper. This gorgeous pairing allows for the figures in her pieces to be sensitive and vulnerable amidst their striking environments. Fall into the rabbit hole!

As a child, de Castro and her sister would have drawing competitions. They would sketch their favorite Disney characters and present them to their dad. But their father was an incredibly diplomatic judge, and would never declare a winner.

"It was always a tie!" she says.

De Castro currently lives in Toronto, Canada. Most days begin with getting her children to school and heading to her day job. She finds personal moments to draw by sketching people on her subway commute. Through heart-felt dedication, she hopes that her artwork will become a full-time job.


De Castro finds inspiration in her family, nature, song lyrics, and the people and things she sees during her commute.

"Anything can spark a concept," she says.

Nighttime is family time. When de Castro and her husband aren't driving their children to music classes, they're at home crafting, reading, playing music, and watching anime together. 

And once everyone is asleep, she focuses on her art.


While de Castro doesn't believe in aliens, she does believe in ghosts:

"But I try hard to convince myself that I don't! I always say that if I ever see one, that would probably be the end of me."

Her drawing utensils often include mechanical pencils of various densities (.3, .5, and .7), fine-line markers, and acrylic inks. 

This emerging artist just had a major breakthrough:

"My work [was] published for the first time in Today's Parent magazine. It's an amazing feeling when people trust your work and believe in the image you've created for their story."

Some helpful advice:

"Be kind and always take your manners with you."

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