Ghazaleh Rastgar

Ghazaleh Rastgar

As a child, Ghazaleh Rastgar would watch her aunt paint expressionist style landscapes. This supportive aunt would allow Rastgar to use her crayons and inspire the young artist to draw.


Nowadays, Rastgar utilizes watercolor, inks, acrylic, and digital illustration to create stunning artwork. She's been lovingly featured on Lenny Letter multiple times, and often contemplates the balance of spirituality and contemplative realms.

This artist was originally born in Shiraz, Iran, and moved to Toronto when she was fourteen. Rastgar truly loves living in Toronto, and lives in the perfect neighborhood with multiple little coffee shops.

Her days are spent drawing and/or painting, rotating between her house and several cafes for a change of scenery. In addition to her artistic practice, she tries to do yoga at least every other day. During the summer, she rides her bike around the city. 


To balance a busy working life, Rastgar often spends time with friends or cooks meals in her home. At night, she relaxes by watching something or sleeping. Once or twice a week, she will go out salsa dancing with her friends.

Rastgar is often inspired by everyday life, spirituality, sex, and love.

Do you believe in ghosts?

"Not really, but I do believe in souls!"


Do you believe in aliens? 

"Yes! They gotta exist somewhere!"


Confidence is key! 

Rastgar prides herself on loving and accepting herself for who she is. She now has the courage to live a lifestyle that she has designed for herself, instead of one based on the shoulds and shouldn'ts of others.

Rastgar finds solace in many a mantra. But one of her favorite quotes is from the queen Maya Angelou:

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."


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