Lamiaa Ameen

Lamiaa Ameen

We fall apart looking at the artwork of Lamiaa Ameen. This twenty-eight-year-old art director, mother, and talented illustrator was born and resides in Cario, Egypt. After studying advertising at the Helwan University of Applied Arts, Ameen has created a living timeline of artwork. Each piece can be laid out chronologically, and through this process you will get a sense of the artist herself. Ameen slowly sketches her thoughts, allowing her illustrations to be a translation of her emotions on paper.

"I believe we are all inspired by our lives in one way or another, but we all have different ways of expression."

Sick with outer space and separated swimmers 


Ameen is a morning person, and starts each day with coffee and a book. She will read in the morning sunshine until she has to wake up her son and take him to nursery school. During the day, she is the art director of an advertising agency called Kijamii Digital Media.

Ameen utilizes ink, oil paints, and pastels on traditional canvases, as well as digital illustration to produce her work. Each piece is a beautiful combination of soft pastels and freeform scribbles that create dance-like and dreamy environments.

I’m proud to have been born in Egypt, and that I live here. I think it has shaped a big part of who I am, because of the spirit of the people and the place itself.
— Lamiaa Ameen

Ameen's nights are filled with motherhood activities, and sometimes hanging out with friends. After midnight, time becomes her own, and she can focus on drawing and writing.

Do you believe in ghosts?

"Yes, definitely. However, I think they have their own world, and we have ours."


"Sure, but I think they are just like us in shape and mind."

Ameen finds inspiration in daily situations and in her dreams, which believes her dreams are emotional projections of her life. But every small detail in her everyday life, from the bird that stood by her window to people passing by whom she'll never see again, is an element that makes it into her artwork. 

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