Rebecca Green

Rebecca Green

This morning, our darling Rebecca Green got up, made coffee, and got to drawing while still in her pajamas. Each of these female focused drawings infuses elements of nature, magic, and absolute cuteness - which is why we fell in love. Green draws inspiration from the stories of her past. As an imaginative child, Green would play school, dentist, and grocery store. Her games of pretend have brought her to a career where creativity and make believe are essential.


As a child, Green remembers drawing people in intimate poses together.

“They were less like humans, and more like puzzle pieces fitting together. I must have been 4 or 5 [years old]. I knew that it was ‘wrong’ to be drawing it, so I wrinkled the paper and threw it in the bathroom garbage. My parents found it, confronted me, and I denied that I was the artist!”


Green began to identify as an artist when she was a teenager. She found solace in the artistic community of her high school, taking part in the theater department. In addition, she performed in plays and musicals at the local community theater.


Some of her most earliest influences were the artists Miro, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Degas. As an adult, Green feels most like herself whey she is pretending, making up songs, and creating art out of found objects, or writing poetry.


Green is originally from Owosso, Michigan. Nowadays she lives in Osaka, Japan.


The majority of her day is consumed by drawing. But to balance it out, Green adds a healthy amount of human activities to the list - everything from laundry, to catching up on emails, getting groceries, yoga, and walking around her new Japanese environment.


Green’s daily schedule is chalk full of projects! She’s currently finishing up three books, all due within this next month.

Below are examples of Green’s process sketches.

We love peeping into the experimental brains of artists!


At night, Green loves to experiment with cooking and new recipes. She also chooses to relax with a good book, a warm bath, and by being in bed by 10.


One her greatest accomplishments came when artist, Yoshitomo Nara, bought two of her paintings from a show at Giant Robot in LA.


Green’s background in theater clearly comes through in her diorama work. These pieces are uniquely detailed and populated with the characters’ environments. Each created world is a staged peak into a different world.

Green reminds us that,

“Everything is relative.”


Make believe and games of pretend. Keep your brain young, and follow Rebecca Green on Instagram.


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