Hallie Bateman

Hallie Bateman

“In my art I search for truth. I am guided by curiosity and love and wonder.”
— Hallie Prayer

The darling and thoughtful Hallie Bateman currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Her days are spent juggling her numerous artistic projects, and pushing herself to read more feminist literature. Each of her whimsical images reminds us of the Madeline drawings of Ludwig Bemelmans. As a kid, comics were a big part of her life - everything from Far Side to Foxtrot. Nowadays, she brings her work to life with ink and paper.

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Bateman’s idea of happiness includes being with people and creatures she loves. Below is her series entitled, “Women in Museums.”

What’s your favorite virtue?


What’s your main fault?



Bateman spoke greatly to her process of self-care,

“I used to have terrible work habits, often pulling all-nighters to meet crazy deadlines I set for myself. I’ve now moved in the total opposite direction. I try to have a really healthy relationship to my art and schedule my life meticulously to avoid over-booking.”

Great care and self-recognition is inspiring.

Ideally, Bateman would love to have a gorgeously lit studio where she’s allowed to make a mess, and where someone else would be in charge of cleaning. She’d have a room just for storing materials, a space to paint large pieces, another space to make movies, and a comfy couch where she can write on her laptop. In addition, there would be a comfy cushion for her dog, Spinelli.


Marketing yourself as an artist is a key component to reaching a large audience. Bateman sights this as embarrassing, but us Octoladies completely understand. Each morning she wakes up at 7 am to post to Instagram. She keeps this steady practice, in order to reach the East Coast crowds. After that, she begins her day with tea, oatmeal, and a podcast.


Bateman pulls inspiration directly from her life and the artists around her. Below is Bateman’s entire comic entitled, “Why are museums closed on certain days?”

Do you believe in ghosts?


Do you believe in aliens?

“Why not!”


What’s the last dream you can remember?

“Last night, I had a dream that there was a fire threatening my childhood home. I had to drive my families’ dogs to a friend’s mom’s house, where she offered to take care of them. She was a hippie farmer and fed the dogs dinner out of pumpkins.”

Bateman grew up in Columbia, CA. This Northern National Forest is now sadly prone to wildfires.


Bateman wrote herself a prayer, and uses it as an inspirational mantra.


What’s one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

“Stop hating yourself, and start reading feminist literature ASAP.”

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