Cindy Suen

Cindy Suen



Grab a pizza, pet your cat, and settle in! 

Cindy Suen is an illustrator, animator, and GIF magician. Originally from Hong Kong, Suen now resides in New York. She spends her days creating fantastic GIFs that incorporate her love of cats, technology, color, and food. One of Suen's first animations was her own logo! While she changes her mind on the details, this personal creative endeavor reflects her zany, colorful process.

Cindy Cats! 

Suen recently released a series of iMessage stickers. Her Cindy Cats are available for your texting pleasures through the app store.


In addition to her love of cats, Suen bends her style to create a world of moving images.


When she's not creating illustrating and animating, Suen spends her time eating cheese, running by the river, and looking at cats on the Internet.

Suen is constantly thinking about her work. As she says:

"I tend to think a little too much about everything, which is sometimes helpful in generating ideas. I do my thinking whenever I can, such as during my daily morning runs, waits for the bus, showers, times when I wait to fall asleep, etc. When something fantastic comes up, I get super excited and immediately record the idea to my sketchbook, to which I insist to bring with me almost wherever I go because I will probably forget if I don’t note it down right away!"

Suen's love for GIFs is legit! Unlike static images, GIFs run on an endless loop within only a few frames.

Suen's process is complex and layered. After her idea forms, she will doodle and sketch out the concept. From there, she draws over the image digitally, and then creates a sequence of images in either Illustrator, Photoshop, or in Art Effects.


Keep the colors coming and follow Cindy Suen on Instagram. @cindysuentw

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