Laurent Moreau

Laurent Moreau

Whether it's his stellar drumming in the band SLAAP, or the creative inventiveness of his illustrations, Laurent Moreau gets our heartbeat racing. This France-based drummer is also a prolific illustrator. Moreau draws and draws and draws and draws, and we couldn't be more grateful! With a mixture of pencils, sketchbooks, brushes, and paint, Moreau fills his Tumblr with the endless etchings of a curious mind. His initial inspiration was his older brother, he says, "He was my first favorite artist! I was very impressed, and it made me want to draw."

We wish Moreau were our little brother!

Moreau was originally born in Brittany, on the northwestern peninsula of France. He now resides in Strasbourg, France, which he tells us is the capital of sauerkraut!


Moreau utilizes gouache paint in order to create richly colored landscapes, like these:


"Spontaneous ideas, sensations, emotions."

Moreau draws what he sees around him. Landscapes, the sky, and nature inspire him to fill sketchbook after sketchbook. 


Do you believe in ghosts? 

"Definitely no!"


Do you believe in aliens?



Moreau tries to begin every day by drawing some of his ideas into a sketchbook. Then he works on various commissioned illustrations and on his book project at his studio. But, he reports, he often has to spend quite a bit of time replying to and sending out emails.

One of his greatest accomplishments is the songs he writes with his band, SLAAP. He plays in several ensembles, but this collaborative project is incredibly important to him. We highly recommend you check out their music on their Tumblr


Moreau is also a member of the organization Central Vapeur. Since 2010, Central Vapeur has made it their mission to promote the work of graphic arts in their community. They bring together professional illustrators, graphic designers, publishers, librarians, consultants, and teachers, and partner with students in order to disseminate information and pass along their individual crafts. CV organizes amazing events, like their annual Central Vapeur festival, which takes place every March. 

Recently, Moreau's evenings have included a new baby. His several-months-old little one has turned him into a bit of a nocturnal animal. When he manages to sleep, his dreams are often amazing little movies, in which he's not the main actor.

A simple saying:

"You have to do things for real!"

Tap, tap, tap your little fingers on over to Tumblr, and follow Laurent Moreau! 

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