Nancy Liang

Nancy Liang

Winter may be on its way out, but Nancy Liang is here to remind us of its beauty.


This proud Australian now resides in Sydney. Her artwork is inspired by the hidden wonder of the histories and everyday Australian suburbs; Liang's magic resides in these mundane and forgotten urban spaces. She notes how each building has many layers, interesting stories, and unknown pieces of their pasts. The following artwork imbues these forgotten spaces with animated sparkle and a cozy sense of familiarity. Each piece is crafted using paper, discarded packaging, and handmade textures. Her final touch comes with handmade illustrations that are perfected through Photoshop. She recently celebrated a milestone, getting recruited by the Jacky Winter Group, Australia's most prominent illustration agency! 

"It is now my second year working with them and I can't wait to continue working on more new and exciting briefs—bring it on!" she says.

We're so happy to carve out space to celebrate Liang's accomplishments! 

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A Lover of Cozy Spaces

As a child, Liang would draw late into the night. She would crack open her bedroom door and let the dim light from the hallway flow in, allowing her to draw while everyone else in her house slept. And now, when things go bump in the night, this night owl most certainly believes in ghosts.

Liang enjoys working with traditional techniques, such as drawing and painting. But she prefers to display them in digital mediums, such as looping GIFs and installations. With this combination of traditional style and modern technology, she has found a good harmony to experiment and push her medium to new realms while keeping the heart of the craft.


Do you believe in ghosts?

"I guess to some point we all wonder if the truth is out there . . ."

Liang enjoys the freedom and flexibility that accompanies freelancing. She spends her days working in the studio on both client and personal work. There's an important need for balance in her life, especially when it comes to client meetings and mingling with friends and family. 

We all get by with help from our friends!

Liang recently illustrated for her full-time job, and not too long ago, she was struggling with finding a place for herself in illustration. She tried many styles and worked tirelessly for years, mostly meeting dead ends. Luckily, she came upon a creative partner, Baron Chau. Liang gives major kudos to this university teacher, who gave her harsh and constructive feedback. Her confidence and pride grew in her own work.

Liang continues her childhood tradition of working at night. 

"I am the most productive during the nighttime, odd hours at best, working on projects until the crack of dawn," she says. "While most people are asleep, I find something very exciting about being awake. The night is quiet and still, and much like my thoughts, this inspires curious and mysterious urban stories out there."


Be bold and be yourself. 

Liang was told early on to "differentiate or die." She strives to make her work unique and specifically her own.

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